What can I control with GyroPalm?

You can control virtually any electronic device, appliance, computer, smartphone, or robot with GyroPalm wearable device.

You can control devices like:

  • Smartphones such as media player, volume buttons, sending SMS text messages, taking a photo, etc.
  • Electrical Appliances such as toggling them on or off wirelessly, etc.
  • Infrared Appliances such as televisions, cable boxes, camera triggers, certain A/C devices, LED lights, etc.
  • Computers such as PowerPoint presentations, media player, volume, Youtube, switching windows, scrolling, mouse cursor, etc.
  • Robotics such as a robotic arm, driving a rover, controlling a camera gimbal, flying certain drones, etc.

Specifically, the GyroPalm wearable devices has Bluetooth BLE, Infrared, and 433MHz wireless capabilities.