GyroPalm launching on July 15th

If you’re reading this, you probably know that GyroPalm is a universal remote for your wrist. If you are not yet familiar with GyroPalm, we sincerely recommend you to read our summary or watch our demo video. Here at Makitronics, we are confident that this could possibly be one of the most versatile wearable devices of its kind. We’re very excited to launch GyroPalm on Kickstarter on July 15th and we’re hoping you’ll be our next supporter.

Let’s discuss about what brings us here, and why we think you’ll love using the GyroPalm. Today, majority of home owners in the United States have lights in their house. The fact that we’re even saying that is an understatement. It’s not surprising that we also have cars, smartphones, computers, air conditioner, laundry machines, televisions, and other appliances. However, it does make us wonder how much time and energy you could save if those devices turned on at your command and turned off when you’re not using them.

Now, we know what you’re thinking…”home automation already exists!” While that is true, the root control of all home automation systems come down to smartphone apps and big remote controls. Although smartphones are powerful devices, they are not the quickest at controlling things. For example, if you bought an IoT (Internet of Things) device such as a lamp module that lets you turn on your lamp via the internet, that may be cool and help you out a little. But perhaps after a week or so, you’ll find yourself exhausted from taking out your phone and opening the app just to turn on the light. This is where GyroPalm comes in:

   “No more tedious interactions. Just wave, and walk away.”

Given a magical wristband that can control all your gadgets, computers, and appliances…would you use it? Of course you would!!! Now go out there, tell your friends, and support our Kickstarter!

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