GyroPalm Concept

GyroPalm is an affordable, reliable, and open-source system which let anybody control electronic devices, appliances, computers, and robotics with a flick of the wrist.

GyroPalm is the first wearable device on the market that offers long-distance low-latency control over smartphones, computer, IoT devices, appliances, and even robotics.

It is one of the most scalable gesture-control systems ever created. This is evidently seen through the three parts of the product: a wristband, a receiver base, and an optional accessory that can be snapped on the receiver base.

GyroPalm, which is patent pending, works basically anywhere you go allowing seamless interaction with multiple devices, even simultaneously. Very crucially, GyroPalm is the only product of its kind in the market that supports using “snap-on” accessories.

The followings are our one-of-a-kind offerings in various aspects (we are different from other wearable devices):

Redefines Wearable Device: GyroPalm is not a smartwatch. However, it can control numerous things that a smartwatch can’t control. It also lasts much longer than a smartwatch – up to 48 hours of continuous usage.

Long Distance, Low Latency, and Secure: GyroPalm offers an impressive long-distance, low-latency range of up to 3,000 feet. It is one of the few wearables that use an encrypted protocol on RC 2.4GHz. Pairing a GyroPalm wristband with a GyroPalm base only takes seconds. You can allow friends to pair their GyroPalm device(s) with yours. Signals sent are as secure as your car alarm remote.

Zero Installation, Instant Calibration: GyroPalm does not require any installation to use. It is a plug-and-play device that goes wherever you want. Moreover, GyroPalm wristband only takes a few seconds to calibrate. No “initial calibration” and no hassle! This is a wristband you’ll never want to take off!

Infinite Accessories: Very importantly, GyroPalm is the only device of its kind in the market that supports using “snap-on” accessories. An interchangeable accessory is magnetically attached to the bottom of a GyroPalm base. This allows for a scalable platform that will free the boundaries for consumers, technologists, and developers.

Simultaneous and Alternative Control: All gesture control systems currently in the market are overlooking one aspect: you may not be the only one who wants to gain control of or have access to electrical devices. Whether it may be a loved one, a relative, or a friend, GyroPalm allows you to instantly share control with anyone with an additional GyroPalm wristband. For example, with GyroPalm’s simultaneous control, you and a friend can control a lamp at the same time; but with GyroPalm’s alternative control, only one person can control a specific device at a time – ideal for manipulating presentations or robotics.

Extraordinary Gesture Detection: GyroPalm reliably reads your gestures by using an array of optical sensors to detect your hand movements. An accelerometer and a digital compass are also embedded inside every GyroPalm wristband to ensure that your commands and gestures are always recognized. In fact, GyroPalm has 16 simple gestures for normal commands and can offer up to 48 customizable gestures. Furthermore, GyroPalm can be configured for applications using three-dimensional control, yet another reason that makes it one of the most versatile gesture control systems!



Q: What can I control with GyroPalm?

A: You can control virtually any electronic device, appliance, computer, or smartphone with GyroPalm.

Q: What are the GyroPalm accessories?

A: GyroPalm offers accessories to extend its capabilities. We are always working on new accessories. The following accessories are currently available:

Lamp Accessory – Controls a light, fan, vacuum cleaner, laundry machine, charger, blender, speaker, heater, corded power tools, etc.

IR Accessory – Controls TV, VCR, DVD player, projector, sound system, most DSLR cameras, camcorder, radio, LED light strip, etc.

Bluetooth Accessory – Controls smartphone, tablet, computer, SmartLock, etc.

WiFi Accessory – Controls IoT (internet of things) devices.

Robot Accessory – Controls a land-based differential drive robot up to 25v @ 60amps. Perfect for driving battle bots.

Prototype Accessory – For developers to use GyroPalm in their own projects.

Q: What can I do without a GyroPalm accessory?

A: The GyroPalm base (without accessory attached) can be used for the following applications:

-Controls a Powerpoint presentation (PC)
-Scrolls through a website or document (PC)
-Controls a media player (PC)
-Controls the mouse or keyboard (PC)
-Flies a drone (certain quadcopters only)
-Controls a small robot (without motor driver)
-Controls an XBOX game

Q: How can I control more than one application at a time?

A: You can pick the device you want to control from the GyroPalm wristband. Then do the activation gesture (palm up, pull back) and control your device as desired.

Also note that you will need to acquire the accessory for your desired application.

Q: How can two or more GyroPalm wristbands control one appliance?

A: You can share access with your friends who also have a GyroPalm wristband. Simply put the base into configuration mode and “pair” the new GyroPalm device as usual.

The GyroPalm interface offers two modes: Alternating and Simultaneous control. With alternating mode, only one person may control a device (like a robot) at a time. With simultaneous mode, you can collaboratively control a device (such as a TV) at the same time with a friend.

Q: How do I know if my device is compatible with GyroPalm?

A: Although we suggest that GyroPalm is compatible with most electronic devices, we cannot guarantee that it works with absolutely all devices. We will not be liable for any misuse of the GyroPalm device.

Due to the nature of proprietary (or old) technology, some devices may not work with GyroPalm since they may be confined to certain limitations of control. However, our team (and soon community) will strive to provide ever-growing compatibility across devices.