The Universal Interface for Your Wrist

GyroPalm is a patented wearable gesture control system for your wrist that empowers you to control virtually anything from electronics, computers, appliances, robotics, and IoT devices.

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Featured Learn more about GyroPalm's new award-winning product, GyroPalm Spectrum, as seen at the Sensors Converge Expo 2023.

GyroPalm won Best Innovation Award

In North America’s largest industrial electronics product show, Sensors Converge Expo, held in Silicon Valley, GyroPalm’s Spectrum won the 2023 Best Innovation - Wearables Award, beating TDK Robotics, Synaptics, and FLEXcon. It is an unprecedented hands-free technology which enables professionals to remotely visualize and control industrial robots for different functions such as factory/warehouse automation, security maintenance, lab inventory management, etc.

Virtual Interfaces for Intelligent Control - Spectrum

GyroPalm Spectrum is an award-winning patent-pending product which significantly enhances the capabilities of wearable gesture-based technology (such as GyroPalm Encore™) and the market's leading AR glasses (such as the Vuzix Blade 2 ®) for remote teleoperation of robotics. Spectrum revolutionizes the traditional manufacturing process by introducing smart, gesture-based seamless commands across multiple robotic systems and objects, resulting in safer and more efficient industrial workflows. The underlying protocols involve secure websockets, WebRTC, and REST API for bidirectional communication between one or more internet-connected computational devices. The goal of this technology is to provide a mechanism that creates private expandable interfaces on nearly any robotic system or physical object through the use of dynamic markers. We aim to enhance the following common goals of industrial automation workers through Performance, Measurement, and Inventory routines.

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OmniBot - GyroPalm's robotic telepresence solution enabling you to be anywhere

GyroPalm OmniBot enables you to attend meetings and roam around facilities/places anywhere in the world without actually flying there. Robots are securely controlled by GyroPalm's real-time gesture-based IoT technology, providing a lifelike experience with natural interactions and on-demand recordings.

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Intelligent Gesture Control

The GyroPalm Encore represents a harmonious fusion of innovation and elegance, embodying the physical essence of GyroPalm's patented gesture control technology. Designed for performance, this wrist-worn wearable is more than a sophisticated piece of technology; it is an extension of human potential. Running on GyroPalm OS, the Encore interprets the subtlest of user-intended movements, transforming them into a powerful command language that resonates with a myriad of devices and applications. In an era where technology shapes our lives, the GyroPalm Encore elegantly stands as a beacon of control and empowerment, transcending conventional boundaries and redefining how we engage with the world around us.

Versatile Wireless Protocols

With GyroPalm wearable, and in some cases with the base too, users can control electronic devices and robotics within 3,000 feet with a flick of the wrist. With WiFi setup in advance, users can even control these in different parts of the world.

Customizable Gestures

Most users can adequately use GyroPalm with four to five gestures. With configuration, users can even create customized gestures that are saved to the wearable.


Resilient Control System

Walking up and down the stairs numerous times a day is no longer necessary now. GyroPalm's patented gesture capabilities allow it to function properly even in noisy and/or dark environments.



Drone Control

Forget the hassle of heavy remotes and fly a DJI series drone with a GyroPalm wearable and the GyroPalm Drone app


Lighting Control

With the premium GyroPalm dimmer switch and smart bulbs, you can instantly set the mood around your home or facility


Appliance Control

Using GyroPalm smart outlets, you can convert ordinary appliances into smart ones within minutes and control them with the GyroPalm wearable


Presentation Control

Catch the attention of your audience and seamlessly switch slides with the GyroPalm presentation control


Media Control

Control your media player or cast your YouTube videos to a compatible smart TV with only a flick of your wrist


TV Control

Forget bulky remotes and use GyroPalm to control your TV and other infrared equipment


Thermostat Control

Set the temperature on your Nest thermostat with gesture control even while you are away


Robotic Control

From home robotics to industrial robotics, GyroPalm allows you to drive your robots in real-time with low latency


Photography Control

Take stunning photos or group pictures without timers or remotes by controlling your camera using GyroPalm's built-in IR blaster


3D Design

Take control of your masterpiece by using GyroPalm to navigate the camera in your design software such as AutoDesk Inventor


Game Control

Transform your games to give you an immersive experience through the GyroPalm wearable


DIY Projects

Engage in exciting STEM projects and control your innovative DIY projects with a powerful motion-controlled platform


“GyroPalm is an excellent technology that could improve and simplify the daily activities of many people. It’s an incomparable gift when an idea becomes reality and positively impacts people’s lives.”

Dr. Suresh Garimella
Board Member of National Science Foundation (NSF), advising U.S. President on scientific matters
President, University of Vermont

Powerful System, Distraction Free

The GyroPalm Encore is our newest wearable device. It's lightweight, comfortable, and distraction-free. It has been carefully designed and tested for everday-use. Whether at home, in the office, or at the shop floor, GyroPalm seamlessly blends into your environment to optimize how you work.

GyroPalm is both powerful and sleek. We have built our patented systems in a convenient form-factor.

Multi-Protocol Wireless System

GyroPalm features a unique wrist-worn device that works with multiple wireless protocols allowing you to fly a drone, turn on your house lights, and control your computer, TV, camera shutter, and many more! With seamless bridging of protocols, our wearable can virtually give you superpowers!

With the GyroPalm Base, you can send long-distance wireless signals up to 3000ft within line of sight! As an IoT device, GyroPalm can even relay signals around the world through the cloud!

Intuitive Gesture Recognition

GyroPalm's patented system includes intuitive gesture recognition algorithms that can recognize your activation and command gestures in seconds.

You can navigate through the GyroPalm interface using swipe gestures or even customizable movements such as drawing letters in the air!

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“I am very impressed with the new GyroPalm wearable gesture control. It is very intuitive. I like that it can “learn” an individual’s gestures and their intended control meaning. Rarely do you see a company launches a new technology with numerous accessories that enable it to be incorporated into so many varieties of uses. I can certainly envision GyroPalm becoming a huge success and offering an almost endless number of new gadgets and applications.”

Lonnie Bentley
American Scientist and Inventor
Co-Founder of

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