Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You'll find answers to many of our frequently asked questions

1. What gestures do I need to perform to control my home appliances?

To control a device, users will typically perform a predefined activation gesture and then perform a navigation gesture or customizable gesture. These are very easy to learn and one can learn how to use GyroPalm within minutes.

2. Do I need to learn many gestures to use this product?

No, most users can adequately use GyroPalm through 4 or 5 simple motions which are rather easy. Additionally, users can add custom gestures as desired.

3. Can I change my activation gestures?

There are currently two activation gestures. Users can choose one of them based on their preference.

4. How many gestures can be used with the GyroPalm?

Ideally up to 6 customizable gestures at a time, in addition to the 4 preset gestures. Gesture performance and recognition may vary by the type of gesture set and the consistency when performing gesture recognition.

5. How long does it take to convert my ordinary home into a smart connected home using GyroPalm?

Using one of the GyroPalm packages, you can set up the home accessories within an hour or less in most cases.

6. How long does it take for GyroPalm wearable to be charged?

Between 3 to 5 hours to be fully charged.

7. How long can GyroPalm battery last after a full-charge?

Usually between 6 to 8 hours depending on your usage.

8. What technology does use GyroPalm to work with other devices?

Infrared, Bluetooth, Long-range connectivity, and WiFi.

9. When do I need to use the base?

Users should use the base for best performance in controlling drones outdoor (up to 3,000 feet). For indoor operations, the base is needed to enhance performance when the router is too weak and/or the wall is too thick. Developers can use the base for high quality and long distance transmission.

10. When do I need to use WiFi?

Users need to use WiFi with indoor operations. With WiFi setup in advance, users can even control electronic devices in different parts of the world.

11. Does GyroPalm use apps for operation?

For an ordinary user, they can usually adequately use GyroPalm with 4 to 5 motions without using apps, with the exception of the initial setup. But we do have Android and iOS apps that provide advanced users with more services or functions. We will further develop in this area to provide more services and functions through the cloud.

12. How sturdy is the glass of the wearable?

As opposed to most watches, we use Gorilla Glass which is sturdy and hard to be scratched or broken.