Getting Started | GyroPalm Docs


Thank you very much for choosing GyroPalm! This will guide you through the proper operation and general functionality of the GyroPalm product. GyroPalm is a wearable device (wrist-worn gesture-based controller with interchangeable bands) that allows users to control electronic devices, appliances, computers, smartphones, smartlocks, and robotics with a flick of the wrist. It is able to provide long-distance low-latency wireless transmission to a receiver that can be configured for virtually limitless applications.

GyroPalm is a patented wearable gesture-control system that is versatile, robust, and customizable. This is evidently seen through the three aspects of the product: a wristband, the GyroPalm app/cloud platform, and one or more hardware-based accessories. You can interact with GyroPalm through 4 or 5 simple predefined motions. Additionally, you can configure customizable gestures to be mapped to dynamic actions. Essentially, GyroPalm gives meaning to hand motions and provides a platform for users to interact with known devices in a new yet intuitive ways.

The contents of your GyroPalm kit may vary depending on your package type which consists of a variety of essentials and peripherals. While the essentials are common to every kit available, the peripherals vary depending on the package type. 

The essentials may include:
  • GyroPalm wearable with watchband
  • Wireless smart outlets
  • Smart bulb
  • USB cable
  • User manual
GyroPalm packages may also include our smart accessories such as:
  • Wireless smart outlets
  • Smart bulbs
  • Wireless power strips
  • Wireless smart wall sockets
  • Smart wall switches
  • Premium smart dimmer switches
  • Garage door outlets
  • GyroPalm base for long range communication
GyroPalm can control additional devices* such as:
  • Most TVs (e.g. Samsung, LG, Sharp, etc)
  • Most DSLR cameras (e.g. Nikon, Canon, etc)
  • Most Windows computers (e.g. Windows XP, Visa, 7, 8.1, and 10)
  • Most PC videogames that use a hardware joystick
  • DJI series drones (e.g. Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire, etc)
  • Roomba robots (e.g. iRobot Create 2)
  • Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen

*Please note that the above-mentioned devices are not included in any of our packages for sale. Compatibility varies depending on the device and model. Compatibility is subject to change without prior notice.

Upon receiving your GyroPalm wearable, please connect the USB cable to a compatible 5V charger and allow it to be charged for around 3 to 5 hours.

Creating an Account

Sign up for a new GyroPalm account on the app or website ( Your GyroPalm account allows you to customize your settings, configurations, and shared devices. Be sure to provide a mobile phone number that can receive SMS notifications as needed.

Sign up

After creating an account, please check your email to validate your account. Then sign into your account to take a look at the GyroPalm Dashboard. For more information, see the GyroPalm Dashboard section.

Your GyroPalm account enables you to communicate with many IoT services from GyroPalm as well as certain third-party services. Prior to downloading the GyroPalm Home Control app, please click on the Home Control tab. This will enable you to access your GyroPalm Home accessories.

Wearable Communications

The GyroPalm wearable can communicate with your home appliances, cameras, computers, robotics, smartphone, and other IoT devices. To allow for a seamless interaction in various environments, certain settings need to be configured. Proper configuration will allow GyroPalm to empower you with functions including but not limited to:

  • Clock synchronization through GyroPalm Bluetooth LE
  • Alarm synchronization through GyroPalm Bluetooth LE
  • Control of Home Appliances through WiFi or GyroPalm Bluetooth LE
  • Control of Computers and Presentations through WiFi or GyroPalm Bluetooth LE
  • Control of Robotics through WiFi or GyroPalm Long Range
  • Control of Cameras, Projectors and TVs through GyroPalm Infrared

To configure these settings and the pairing of your GyroPalm wearable, open the GyroPalm app and go to the Settings area.

Safety and Warnings

Before using the product, please follow the following safety precautions to prevent personal injury, misuse, or damage to the product. GyroPalm, LLC shall not be liable for any damage or injury as a result of the product. Please exercise caution while using the device.

  • For best battery life, charge the wearable device at least 3 to 5 hours before use.
  • Ensure watch straps are sufficiently tightened on your wrist prior to performing gestures.
  • Do not use a damaged power cord or connect a loose power socket.
  • Do not wear the product while it is being charged or tethered.
  • Clean the product gently with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use soap or solvents.
  • Keep any packaging out of reach of children.
  • Do not perform gestures in a crowded environment with insufficient area for movement.
  • Do not leave the product outside in direct sunlight.
  • Do not submerge the product in water or other type of liquid.
  • Do not use the product while driving or operating critical machinery. 

*These instructions may be used as a reference for proper maintenance and as a guide to ensure the best operation of the product and are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.

GyroPalm Glossary

In this guide, several definitions will be commonly used to describe the product or illustrate procedures. Contextually, some terms may be used without prior mentioning "GyroPalm". Terms and features are for reference only and not all features are available in all packages.

Term Definition
GyroPalm Wearable The main wrist-worn device used to detect gestures
GyroPalm Accessory A device (such as a GyroPalm smart socket, smart bulb, power strip, wall switch, etc) that can be controlled by a GyroPalm wearable
GyroPalm Receiver Base An optional device that can be used to extend GyroPalm's wireless range to improve performance. The Receiver Base is required for long range communications up to 3000ft. However, it is not necessarily required to control GyroPalm Accessories.
Gesture Engine The patented framework on the GyroPalm Wearable that comprises algorithms for dynamic gesture recognition
GyroPalm Dashboard A secure cloud-based IoT platform that allows users to manage their GyroPalm wearables and accessories; also referred to as GyroPalm Cloud. See GyroPalm Dashboard section for details
GyroPalm App The official GyroPalm smartphone app for Android or iOS devices. This app pairs the GyroPalm wearable and helps configure its settings
GyroPalm Home Control App A standalone GyroPalm smartphone app for Android or iOS devices designed specifically to control and manage GyroPalm accessories
GyroPalm Drone App A standalone GyroPalm smartphone app for Android or iOS devices designed specifically to fly drones such as the DJI PHANTOMTM series
GyroPalm Perform A GyroPalm-specific technology that allows the GyroPalm wearable to communicate low-latency gesture data to take control of WindowsTM computers, 3rd party software, and some other devices. See GyroPalm Perform section for details
GyroPalm Presentation Controlling a PowerPointTM presentation or equivalent program by using GyroPalm Perform
Activation Gesture A specific gesture initially performed by a user to indicate the intent to perform an action. This gesture prevents false positives of motion patterns that may otherwise trigger false commands. See Activation Gesture section for details
Navigation Gestures A set of specific gestures that are performed to navigate the GyroPalm wearable interface. See Navigation Gesture section for details
Customizable Gestures A set of 3 to 5 gestures that can be created by the user and instantly trained on the GyroPalm wearable. See Customizable Gestures section for details
Command Sequence The sequence of gestures involved in performing a command
GyroPalm IDE A flexible intuitive coding environment designed specifically to program the GyroPalm wearable. See GyroPalm IDE section for details
Central API A user-based endpoint that allows developers to extend the functionality of GyroPalm devices. See GyroPalm Central API section for details
TOTP or OTP Time-based One Time Password is a widely used protocol used to secure user accounts on a global basis
USB cable The provided micro USB cable that connects the GyroPalm wearable to a computer
Static device A device or machine that is stationary such as a smart switch or a lamp
Dynamic device A device or machine that can move, such as a Robot or Drone
Snap fingers Middle finger flicks the thumb
GyroPalm Replay Once the user trains the wearable with the different custom gestures, the user can replay and review the gestures performed in 3D visuals to remember the gestures list
GyroPalm Zone In the context of the GyroPalm wearable, a zone is considered as a specific physical space in which the wearable will be able to recognize the list of GyroPalm compatible devices such that the user will be able to control them. See picture for a better understanding
GyroPalm Robotics GyroPalm Robotics is a kit in which the user is able to control three different types of robots. See GyroPalm Robotics section for details

*The terms and definitions above may be subject to change without notice.