Gyropalm Perform | GyroPalm Docs


Do you know that the average American adult spends nearly 8 hours a day in front of the screen. Add an interesting twist to the way you interact with your computers, TV and projector screens. With GyroPalm Perform you can now convert your wearable into a mouse pointer, a slide presentation remote, a magic wand, a media player controller and a movie operator. 


Presentation Control

When you are in presentation mode and the slides are open, GyroPalm can assist you in controlling the slides in a seamless and unobtrusive way. The following are the pre-defined gesture set to control the slides. 

  • Enable/ Disable Zoom - Double Snap
  • Forward Slide - Swipe Right
  • Backward Slide - Swipe Left
  • Home Slide - Counter-Clockwise
  • End Slide - Clockwise
  • Zoom In - Tilt Down
  • Zoom Out - Tilt Up

Air Mouse

This feature enables GyroPalm to replace your traditional computer or TV mouse. All you need to do is use GyroPalm Perform to enter the aspect ratio of the computer or TV screen you want to hover your pointer across, then GyroPalm perform uses its smart algorithms to automatically pixelate the screen area to your pointer location. The following features are offered by GyroPalm Hover Point.

Move mouse pointer with natural hand movements to do the followings:

  • Select/ De-select Window using Double Snap
  • Drag and Drop 
  • Mouse Left Click using left side tap
  • Mouse Right Click using right side tap
  • Mouse Double Click using rotate left and double snap
  • Mouse Scroll Up using Counter-Clockwise motion
  • Mouse Scroll Down using Clockwise motion

Hotkeys and Media

This is used to control the media player and essential Windows Applications to facilitate access to your laptop or desktop computer. 

This is currently under development. Please contact Sales/ Support for any updates.

Virtual Joystick

This is currently under development. Please contact Sales/ Support for any updates.