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Robotics is an exciting technology for a lot of people. Robots not only move around but also help people become more efficient by assisting in their daily lives. It brings joy and amazement when young kids to old people are able to control robots. That's where GyroPalm Robotics comes to play. With our custom GyroPalm Robotics wearable and the appropriate Robot, the user is now able to move the robot to the desired location based on simple hand movements. Gyropalm serves as a wearable joystick to move the Robot around a physical space. 

Controlling iRobot Create 2

The iRobot Create® 2 is a popular robotic platform. GyroPalm with its pre-defined custom software translates different hand motions into robot movements to make the user experience intuitive and natural. 
The motion to movement map is as follows

  • Arm Tilt Forward  -  Robot moves Forward
  • Arm Tilt Backward -  Robot moves Backward
  • Arm Rotate Left   -  Robot turns Left
  • Arm Rotate Right  -  Robot turns Right
  • Arm horizontal position - Robot stays static

Certain pre-defined gestures help the Robot to

  1. Undock - Double Tap on the left side of the Wearable
  2. Dock   - Double Tap on the right side of the Wearable
  3. Enable/ Disable Robot Control - Double Snap

Please note. After Undocking the Robot, you will need to enable the robot control in order to start controlling with your hand movements. Exercise extreme caution while operating the robot and drive with care. Before docking the Robot, please make sure you disable the robot control. 

Controlling Pololu Zumo Robot

This is currently under development. Please contact Sales/ Support for any updates.

Controlling Custom Robotics

Contact GyroPalm Sales/ Support to discuss the possibilities and specifications